Quick Answer: Can A US Citizen Go To College In Canada?

Ontario college international student fees are approximately $14,000 in Canadian funds per year (two semesters).

Some colleges may accept tuition payments in U.S.


If you’re applying to a degree program, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance from the United States’ federal student aid program.

Is college free in Canada for citizens?

No, college is not free in Canada. College and university have tuition but there are options for scholarships, loans and grants to pay for it. The tuition is also subsidized by the Federal government to keep it affordable. Only public education to the end of high school is completely tax-funded in Canada.

Does Canada accept US degrees?

“A degree from an American University is recognized and accepted all around the world, while a degree from a Canadian University is mainly recognized and accepted in Canada.”

Are US citizens considered international students in Canada?

Yes, a student who is a US citizen is considered international (and not domestic) in Canadian universities, unless they have dual citizenship.

How do I get into college in Canada?

Step by step: How to get into a Canadian university as an international student

  • Ensure you meet all requirements.
  • Find a course and select your universities.
  • Take English/French exam.
  • Apply to universities.
  • Apply for your study permit.
  • Start planning your journey.
  • Arrive in Canada to begin your studies.