Question: Can Homeschoolers Join Jrotc?

Can homeschoolers join ROTC?

Homeschoolers are eligible to compete for ROTC scholarships.

If your student is interested in ROTC start your research as early in high school as possible.

Three ROTC Options.

There are options for students considering ROTC: Army, Air Force, and Navy.

How does a homeschooled student get a diploma?

Conclusion. A homeschool diploma issued by a student’s parents will not carry as much weight as a diploma issued by a public school, private school, or correspondence program. Most colleges, universities, and employers will accept a parent-issued homeschool diploma as proof of high school graduation.

Can homeschoolers join the military?

Homeschool graduates will need to have a homeschool high school diploma issued by the graduate’s parent or guardian. We strongly recommend that you do not have your homeschool graduate obtain a GED in order to enlist, because the military has almost completely eliminated GED holders from enlisting in the Armed Forces.

When your homeschooled do you get a diploma?

If you’re wondering whether your homeschooled student can receive a diploma, the answer is yes! As the parent, you’ve prescribed your child’s course of study and you can present a diploma that indicates he has successfully completed it.