Question: Do Video Games Cause Learning Disabilities?

However, some studies suggest that games are not enough to maintain the engagement of struggling learners, and there are legitimate concerns that many children and adolescents with learning disabilities use video games to excess.

Video games for children and adolescents with special education needs.

Do video games cause attention problems?

Gaming time

Researchers interpreted the findings to suggest that video game playing can “compound kids’ existing attention problems.” But the study results don’t offer supporting evidence that the games cause or worsen the attention problems—they just suggest that kids who play the most have more severe ADHD symptoms.

Can people with ADD play video games?

The bottom line. While video games do not cause ADHD, they can exacerbate symptoms. Those with ADHD may be more susceptible to developing a gaming addiction as a coping mechanism to better deal with their disorder. However, parents working together with their children to address the issue can lead to positive results.

Do video games affect focus?

One Hour of Video Gaming Can Increase the Brain’s Ability to Focus. Summary: Researchers report playing action video games increases performance on visual selective activities. Players had increased focus on relevant visual information while suppressing less relevant information.

How do video games affect your attention span?

Elementary school children who play video games more than two hours a day are 67 percent more likely than their peers who play less to have greater-than-average attention problems, according to the study, which appears in the journal Pediatrics.