Quick Answer: How Do You Plan A Homeschool Graduation?

How do you celebrate homeschool graduation?

Homeschool Graduation Ideas

  • Join other homeschoolers from your state for graduation ceremonies.
  • Organize a local graduation ceremony within your homeschool support group.
  • Plan a private celebration with family and friends.
  • Take official cap-and-gown photos or videos.
  • Skip the party and splurge on a special trip or gift.

Do homeschoolers have graduation?

Most states don’t maintain guidelines for graduating a homeschooled student. In most cases, the homeschooling parent determines the graduation requirements for your student. Upon completion of those requirements, you issue your graduate a high school diploma.

How many credits do you need to graduate homeschooling?

Most states consider a year-long course as one credit, and require around 20-24 credits for graduation from high school. However, this does vary.

How do you plan a graduation?


  1. Decide on a date and time. Because many people may be planning graduation parties around the same time of year, the logistics of choosing a time for your party can be difficult.
  2. Throw a combined party.
  3. Choose a venue.
  4. Make a guest list and send invitations.
  5. Create a theme.
  6. Create a menu.
  7. Decorate your party.