Question: How Much Should I Ask For Tutoring?

A typical tutor will charge between $17 and $45 per hour, according to our tutor pricing calculator.

An experienced, certified teacher might charge up to $76 per hour.

The three most important factors in determining how much to charge for tutoring are: Location.

How much should I charge for tutoring?

Expect the cost to be around $30 to $40 per hour, but as high as $85, depending on the tutor’s experience level and subject. Private tutors generally do not charge additional upfront fees or require contracts.

Most students require one to four hours of tutoring per week.

How much should I pay a teenage tutor?

In general, a high school tutor could expect to earn between about $10 and $15 per hour. However, your skill level in the subject you teach and your level of education affect your salary.

What percentage does Tutorful take?

If you are a tutor, creating your Tutorful profile is completely free! To make it as simple as possible to compare your rates with other tutors, we allow you to set your own hourly rate. From this, we take a platform fee of between 15% and 25% of the lesson cost.