Quick Answer: How Much Should I Pay A Teenage Tutor?

Private, in-home tutors may charge between $30 and $40 per hour, according to Angie’s List, or a general range of $15 to $85 for all types of tutors.

Generally, the more unique your skill set, the more you can charge for your services.

How much should a high school student charge for tutoring?

Individuals generally charge according to their level of education and experience. Expect to pay $30 to $40 per hour for a high school student, and up to $85 per hour for a certified teacher with top-notch experience. A teacher trained and qualified to work with children with special needs will likely charge more.4 Apr 2018

What should I charge as a tutor?

A typical tutor will charge between $17 and $45 per hour, according to our tutor pricing calculator. An experienced, certified teacher might charge up to $76 per hour. The three most important factors in determining how much to charge for tutoring are: Location.

What is the going rate for private tutoring?

Expect the cost to be around $30 to $40 per hour, but as high as $85, depending on the tutor’s experience level and subject. Private tutors generally do not charge additional upfront fees or require contracts.20 Sep 2013

Can a 16 year old become a tutor?

How can I find people to tutor as a 16 year old? You can find the students to tutor it’s so easy. You just need to register your tutor account with the tutoring websites and after that, you can start your tutoring career.18 Jan 2017