Question: Is It Better To Be Homeschooled Or Go To School?

Parents or guardians take the responsibility of their children education and may develop their own curriculum guidelines.

Most of 80% people agree that homeschooling is better than public school in some reasons.

I do agree with that because home schooling has many advantages more than public school.

Is it better to be homeschooled or go to a public school?

Homeschool students have a higher rate of graduating college than students who attended public school. Homeschooled students graduated with an average GPA of 3.46 while their peers graduated with an average of 3.16.

Are homeschooled students more successful?

Research suggests homeschooled children tend to do better on standardized tests, stick around longer in college, and do better once they’re enrolled. A 2009 study showed that the proportion of homeschoolers who graduated from college was about 67%, while among public school students it was 59%.

Is it expensive to homeschool?

1. Curriculum. The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) estimates that the average parent spends about $300 to $600 per year, per child, on homeschooling curriculum, games, and books. However, there are plenty of ways to save money on this expense.

Why is formal schooling better than homeschooling?

Formal education offers the advantage of learning how to interact in the world, which is full of all sorts of social situations. For example a child begins homeschooling after starting school because they are uncomfortable with strangers. While their education didnt suffer their social skills more than likely would.