Is K12 Online School Free?

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K12 is the leading online learning provider serving K–12 online schools.

The K12 program is offered through tuition-free online public schools* and online private schools.

Do you have to pay for k12 online school?

Online public schools powered by K12 are currently available in most states in the U.S. Select your state for a list of the options available for your family and visit their How to Enroll page to learn more. *Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school.

Is k12 completely free?

Tuition-free, K12-powered public schools feature rigorous online curriculum with hands-on materials delivered to your door.* Dedicated, state-certified teachers provide instruction and support for students in grades K–12.

Is online homeschooling free?

Free Online Homeschooling. Enrolling in a free online homeschool provides students with a flexible curriculum and valuable time for other activities and family life. With multiple options available to choose from, parents and students can find the best program to suit their family.

How much does online middle school cost?

The average cost of full-time private school for secondary school students in the U.S. is estimated at $13,000 a year, although online private schools are generally less expensive than their traditional counterparts. Keep in mind that many web-based learning centers offer part-time middle school programs for free.