Is Public Schooling Better Than Homeschooling?

While the schools are usually better than public school, they can be very expensive.

Depending on the school, it can cost several thousand dollars per school year.

That prices it right out of the pockets of many people.

Public schooling is free, and each child is guaranteed to have a free and appropriate education.

Why is public schooling better than homeschooling?

As long as those standards are met, however, parents have more educational liberty with homeschooling than with public school. Students may have more opportunities to choose what they learn with homeschooling, and they can learn at their own pace without having to keep up with more advanced students.

Is homeschooling as good as public schooling?

Most of 80% people agree that homeschooling is better than public school in some reasons. Lack of violence, better social development, more effective learning, better education, and flexible are several advantages that support people to choose homeschooling rather than public school.

It may be the fastest-growing form of education in the United States. Taxpayers spend nothing on most homeschool students and homeschool families spend an average of $600 per student annually for their education. Homeschooling is quickly growing in popularity among minorities.

What are the cons of homeschooling?

Cons of Homeschooling

  • Income – Homeschool requires one parent to stay home and teach their child.
  • The Fear of “Falling Behind” – Parents have a fear that if they homeschool their child, the custom-academic curriculum may cause their child to fall behind from peers.
  • All Day Affair – Homeschooling is a time crunch.