Question: What Age Is Year 1 In Australia?


Grade or Year 16–7
Grade or Year 27–8

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What age is year one in Australia?

Pre-Primary begins at the age of 4 or 5 (as long as the child with turn 5 by June 30th of that year). Primary commences at the age of six and is from Years 1 – 7. Secondary School commences in Year 8 of their school life and continues to Year 12.

What age do you go to Year 1?

Early Years Foundation Stage – ages 3-5 (Nursery and Reception) Key Stage 1 – ages 5-7 (Years 1 and 2)

What is the first year of school called in Australia?

There are many names for the first year of school among the states and territories in Australia. Each state and territory has specific age requirements for children who are starting school; however it is compulsory by law for all children to be attending school by the age of six years.