What States Opted Out Of Common Core?

Which states do not use common core?

Among the territories of the United States (not listed in the chart below), the U.S.

Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the American Samoa Islands have adopted the standards while Puerto Rico has not adopted the standards.

As of May 12, 2015, three states have repealed Common Core.

Which states have repealed Common Core?

States that adopted

Alaska, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia had not adopted the standards. Indiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina adopted the Common Core standards but repealed them in 2014. Minnesota had only adopted the English-language arts portion of the Common Core standards.

How many states have dropped Common Core?

46 states initially adopted the Common Core State Standards, although implementation has not been uniform. At least 12 states have introduced legislation to repeal the standards outright, and 4 have since withdrawn from the standards.

Is Common Core Going Away 2018?

Insights and news on the Common Core State Standards, August 22, 2018. View as web page. The English/language arts and math standards in most states that “un-adopted” or tweaked the Common Core State Standards are, in the end, “substantially weaker,” according to the latest review of state standards.