Which University Has The Lowest Tuition Fee In Canada?

Brandon University was founded in the year 1889 and is one of the cheapest or low tuition universities in Canadian with very affordable tuition fees in the fields of arts, science, education, music, and nursing.

The university has about 3,000 undergraduate students currently attend, and you can become one too!

Which school is the cheapest in Canada?

Cheapest Masters Degree- Simon Fraser University is offering one of the cheapest Masters degrees in Canada. The average cost of studying Master’s program per year is $5,500. Cheapest PhD Degree– Simon Fraser University is also the winner.

Which is the cheapest university in Canada for international student?

If you’re looking for the most affordable options Canada has to offer, look no further.

  • Brandon University. Location: Brandon, Manitoba.
  • Université de Saint-Boniface. Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • University of Guelph. Location: Guelph, Ontario.
  • Canadian Mennonite University.
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Is there any free university in Canada?

Free of charge universities in Canada for international students. Because there is no free of charge higher educational institution for foreigners in Canada, you can only find a place with lower cost compared to other universities. The tuition is not free, of course, but they can be affordable.

How much does it cost to go to university in Canada?

If you’re a Canadian citizen studying in Canada, you can expect to pay an average of CA$6,838 per year for an undergraduate degree, and CA$7,086 per year for a graduate degree. According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition fees for international students in 2018/19 are CA$27,159 (~US$20,600) per year.