Why Do Kids Get Hyper From Sugar?

Refined sugars and carbohydrates enter the bloodstream quickly.

Therefore, they cause rapid changes in blood sugar levels.

This may make a child become more active.

Several studies have shown a link between artificial colorings and hyperactivity.

Is sugar making my child hyper?

Sugar makes kids hyper.

Sugar doesn’t change kids’ behavior, a double-blind research study found way back in 1994. A sugary diet didn’t affect behavior or cognitive skills, the researchers report. Sugar does change one important thing, though: parents’ expectations.

Does sugar really cause hyperactivity?

The Sweet Truth

The sugar-hyperactivity myth is based on a single study from the mid 1970’s in which a doctor removed the sugar from one child’s diet and that child’s behavior improved. Since then, over a dozen larger studies have been conducted and not one of them has found that sugar causes hyperactivity.

What effect does sugar have on kids?

Too much sugar can also lead to cavities if children do not brush their teeth regularly. Sugar is often blamed for behavioural problems and hyperactivity in children. However, studies have not shown that eating sugar makes a difference in the behaviour of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Can sugar cause behavior problems?

Sugar can cause a child to be hyperactive. Unless they’re eating a whole foods-based diet, sugar is in just about everything the average child eats. Sugar has been shown to cause long-term health damage, and a diet high in processed foods has been linked to depression, cognitive delay, and sleep problems.